Princes Town bridge set on fire

A wood­en bridge along the Buen In­ten­to Road in Princes Town was set on fire ear­ly this morn­ing. The bridge has since been cor­doned off and mo­torists are be­ing di­rect­ed to use al­ter­na­tive routes.

Ju­nior Seep­er­sad, who lives in the area, said: “This morn­ing I had a make a de­tour which took 45 min­utes more for me to reach to work. There are chil­dren who could not go to school this morn­ing be­cause they could not cross the bridge. Peo­ple could not go to work. It is re­al­ly an in­con­ve­nience now.”

Near­by res­i­dents re­port­ed hear­ing loud talk­ing and shout­ing be­fore they saw the bridge on fire.

Ben Lomond/Hard­bar­gain/Williamsville coun­cilor Vashti Sookhoo said res­i­dents were alert­ed to the fire short­ly 1 am when they smelled smoke. She said res­i­dents and mo­torists who use the bridge at Gob­in Vil­lage have been se­vere­ly in­con­ve­nienced as they now have to use an al­ter­na­tive route.

Sookhoo said work­ers from the Min­istry of Works and Trans­port's Bridges Di­vi­sion are on the scene as­sess­ing the sit­u­a­tion. She said it was the on­ly wood­en bridge in the dis­trict.

"It will af­fect the res­i­dents in the neg­a­tive way be­cause it is an al­ter­na­tive route to Princes Town. It is used by a lot of res­i­dents due to the fact that con­struc­tion is be­ing done on Garth Road and there is a ma­jor de­pres­sion on the Garth Road. I al­so use that road a lot too,” she saaid.

Princes Town po­lice are in­ves­ti­gat­ing.

- by Sascha Wilson

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