Prisoner makes failed dash for freedom

Thursday, March 17, 2016 - 20:00

Prison officers on Thursday foiled an attempt by an inmate to escape from the Golden Grove Prison.

Reports indicate that the prisoner attempted to escape whilst working on an out-gang alongside the Golden Grove Road in Arouca.  

Two officers attached to the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) at the Maximum Security Prison were on patrol when they were alerted by the out-gang’s supervising officer that inmate Roopnarine Kanhai had taken off his shirt and made a daring dash in an attempt to escape along the Golden Grove Road. 

Two other officers who are also stationed at the Maximum Security Prison saw the fracas and immediately responded to the assistance to the ERU Officers. 

The officers chased the man and were able to accost Kanhai running towards Trincity Central Road.
When questioned by the authorities of his actions, Kanhai said he heard his mother died. 

However, when he wrote a statement to the authorities he indicated that he was just “fed-up” and did not like being in jail. 

The authorities commend the actions of the four officers on their quick response to the situation.