The privy council dismisses the appeal of Steve Ferguson, Ameer Edoo and Maritime life.

Sunday, January 24, 2016 - 20:00

The 19-page judgement ends with one conclusion “these appeals will be dismissed.”
It now sets precedent for 40 entities who made applications under section 34 to be rejected and it paves the way for Steve Ferguson and Ameer Edoo who are accused of corruption associated with the Piarco airport to face trial.
Edoo, Ferguson and Maritime life appealed the decision of repeal section 34 under which they would have benefitted from statutory limit of 10 years meaning defendants with cases 10 years and older could appeal for them to be thrown out but with section 34 repealed, they could no longer benefit from the limit.
They challenged the repeal on five grounds; that it was contrary to the separation of powers, it was specifically directed against the Piarco defendants who had made applications under Section 34, it violated their constitutional rights, it conflicted with the defendant's legitimate expectations and it was an abuse of power by the DPP.
Other businessmen accused in the Piarco airport matter had also made applications under Section 34, but only Edoo, Ferguson and Maritime challenged the repeal.