Promotions for 90 SRPs

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has promoted 90 Special Reserve Police (SRP) officers and commended them on their dedication to duty and professionalism.

The promotions took place at a ceremony held in the Solomon McLeod Lecture Theatre, Police Administration Building, Port of Spain.

Among the officers promoted were six assistant superintendents, 14 inspectors, 12 sergeants and 58 corporals.

Griffith said the SRP promotions formed a small part of the transformational efforts taking place within the police service.

He told the officers that they earned and deserved their promotions and he will continue to do all in his power to give them the support and recognition they require to continue doing their jobs.

Griffith made it clear to the officers that the responsibilities, authority, respect and threats they face daily, are the same as regular police officers.

He cautioned them that bullets do not discriminate and to always remember their roles as police officers when they put on their uniforms.

The commissioner urged the SRP officers to maintain their professionalism in and out of uniform at all times, while being dynamic, assertive, bold and confident in their duties. 

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