Quadruple murder suspect held in Valencia

The manhunt for the suspect in La Brea quadruple murders ended early yesterday morning at St Albans Road, Valencia, when police took a 38-year-old handyman/mason, of Lawrence Village, Guapo, Pt Fortin, into custody.

The man was seen by people who knew him walking along the road and they alerted the police. He was held around 9.10 am by officers of the La Horquetta Crime Patrol Unit under Sgt. Vaughn Waldropt. Eyewitnesses said he was dressed in a black t-shirt, jeans and black sneakers and looked well rested. He had in his possession a green knapsack containing items of clothing.

Officers, who went to the area after getting an anonymous call, spotted the suspect walking along St Albans Road. When he saw the police vehicle approaching he ran into nearby bushes but was arrested after a short chase.

He was taken to La Horquetta Police Statio and was later handed over to officers from Homicide Region 11, Arouca. Earlier, at around 8.15 pm, on Saturday, a male relative of the suspect was held at Jacob Hill, Wallerfield, on suspicion of harbouring the wanted man. He is currently detained at the Arima Police Station.

The suspect is being questioned in connection with the murders of Abigail Jones-Chapman, 41, her daughter Olivia, 16, Michaela Mason, 15, a friend of the daughter and landlord, Michael Scott, 70, who all found dead in an apartment building at Khanai Settlement, La Brea, on Tuesday.

The three female victims died after their throats were slit, while the fourth victim died from a blow to the head.

A nationwide manhunt was launched for the arrest of the suspect, spearheaded by acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Crime, Harold Phillip, and involving the Homicide Bureau of Investigations, the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit and the Northern and South Western Divisions.

Three officers from La Brea Police Station have been suspended pending investigation into the alleged failure to investigate a domestic violence report made by Jones-Chapman.

Source: www.guardian.co.tt (Ralph Banwarie)

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