Rambachan: Inspection stickers issue demonstrates lack of management within Licensing Department

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 08:45

Former Works and Infrastructure Minister Dr Suruj Rambachan says the situation involving the inspection of vehicles has highlighted a lack of management within the Licensing Department.

Rambachan, the member of Parliament for Tabaquite, says he has had direct experience with the troubles of getting a certificate.

The following is a statement by the former minister.

"The chaos which now exists with respect to the inspection of vehicles again demonstrates the lack of management in the licensing division.

The lack of stickers is inexcusable since the authorities know how many vehicles are registered and can forecast the number of vehicles five years and older requiring inspection.

In the case of light T vehicles, with the growth in the number of such light T vehicles it is still a mystery as to why the approved garages are not allowed to conduct inspections of these vehicles. In any event the inspection at the licensing office is very minimal and in my view not as detailed as it should be. In fact it can be described as a farce.

It appears that it is more of a revenue generating exercise than one aimed at ensuring that vehicles are really in proper working condition. I speak of this from experience having chosen to make an appointment to have a T vehicle inspected and going through the process myself last week.

To date I have not had my certificate although the inspection took place last Friday 17th February. I had also visited with an appointment on Wednesday 16th and after four hours left.

For the last four weeks the south office is closed at one pm due to lack of air conditioning and as I am told water problems.

The Police in the meantime are down your throats for not having a sticker.

Of course if you have 700 dollars it is possible to get it done without visiting the licensing office. Ask the touts around the office in San Fernando if you think this is untrue."