Rambharat: 12-foot anaconda poses no immediate threat

The Ministry of Agriculture will only consider relocating a 12-foot anaconda at its livestock station in Aripo if it seen again or poses a danger to staff and livestock.

In a Facebook post issued on Thursday, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat said Saiyaad Ali of the Serpentarium was invited to the station yesterday afternoon to observe the reptile.

While he said that the snake posed no immediate danger to staff and livestock at the facility presently, Rambharat said his ministry would monitor the situation as some staff members were apprehensive of its presence.

Rambharat also expressed concerns that persons may decide to hunt the protected reptile.

“The huille (local name for anaconda- pronounced “wheel”) is likely to move about frequently and may find itself in danger with persons who may seek it out for sport or consumption (yes, some people consider it a delicacy),” Rambharat said.

The snake was first spotted by one of the workers at the facility on Monday as he went to urinate next to the pond. The snake was in the process of ingesting a seven-foot caiman which it had constricted around moments before.

The worker prodded the snake until it released its intended meal and disappeared under the water.

Speaking with the T&T Guardian, earlier this week, Kristopher Rattansingh, of Wildlife and Environmental Protection of T&T, said that anacondas were often killed by people due to their formidable size and unfortunate reputation.

If seen, members of the public should avoid contact and call in experts, to remove the non-venomous reptile.

Members of the public who wish to contact Wildlife and Environmental Protection of T&T for the removal of wildlife from populated areas can reach them at 341-9983, 748-7100, 497-3373 or 748-3936.

Source: www.guardian.co.tt

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