Ramnarine: BpTT's decision not to build Angelin platform here is not surprising

Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 07:15

Former Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine says the decision by BpTT not to build the Angelin platform in La Brea, is not surprising.

He says delays as a result of industrial action contributed to it.

The former minister issued this statement on the matter today:

"BP's decision to not build the Angelin platform at La Brea is disappointing but should come as no surprise. There are two issues that led us to this point.

Firstly, the energy sector's ability to deliver projects has been severely impacted by industrial relations unrest and increasing red tape.  

Angelin's predecessor the BP Juniper platform endured no end of stoppages and protests. The OWTU played a major role in these events.

This led to schedule slippage. As a result of the loss of time on Juniper, BP decided to move to jacket component to Texas in mid-2015. This was done to preserve the project timeline. The topside was completed in La Brea in January 2017.

The other issue has to do with the length of time to negotiate a new BP/ NGC contract. We are told that this is nearing completion. This should have been completed in December 2016 if the target of first gas from Angelin was to be achieved (January 2019). 

It takes two years to develop a project like Angelin. The loss of time (4 months and counting) means that BP has to compress its timelines and that means building the platform where it can be completed faster.

In the end, Trinidad and Tobago has lost and La Brea has lost. Many families, contractors and suppliers have lost."