'Rampant fraud' at Land Registry

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 - 20:00

One Justice of the Peace is calling for an investigation into the operations of the Land Registry.

JP Ackbar Khan’s call comes on the heels of a press advertisement issued by the Law Association today, highlighting the issue of rampant fraudulent activated surrounding real estate transactions.

In the advertisement, the Law Association confirms that some records at the Land Registry Department are now considered to have been obtained by fraudulent means.

The association says deeds are being fraudulently produced by persons who are not actual owners of the property and by people impersonating attorneys at law.

The LATT is cautioning the public as to existence if these documents and advising the public to be vigilant

The association says any suspected activity should be communicated to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

But today, JP Ackbar Khan says this problem is rampant, and no administration has had the political will to deal with it.

He believes the source of what he describes as rampant fraud can be found in the Land Registry. 

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