Red Alert: Riverine flooding warning now at its highest

The Met Office has raised its warning level to the highest with regard to possible riverine flooding.

Riverine flooding occurs when water levels in a river overtops its banks and spills onto surrounding areas.

The Met Office says this type of flooding is more widespread and usually lasts for several days.

Currently, river levels have exceeded threshold levels and some have already over-spilled their banks.

Additional rainfall is expected hence river levels will remain at an elevated level over the next several days.

The Met Office says preparations to protect life, livelihood and property especially those residing along the Caroni River Basin should be rushed to completion immediately if it has not been completed as yet.

The following are some instructions issued by the Met Office:

"Be on the alert for rising river levels and possible over-spill.

Do not take unnecessary risks.

There is a very high potential for major damage to property and infrastructure and for mulitple lives to be lost.

It is advised to stay indoors until the all clear is given by government officials.

In addition please follow the instructions given by government officials.

Monitor official sources for information."


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