Reggae artiste hits gay lifestyles

Reggae artiste Gardah Knight denounced homosexuality, quoting scriptures from the Bible to make his point, during his performance at the Tobago Jazz Experience in Speyside on Saturday night.

Knight, 40, whose real name is Christopher Joseph, was performing before a large crowd in his hometown when he paused, pulled out a Bible and read a verse from Leviticus which he said condemned same sex relationships. In a backstage interview after the performance, he said he opposed moves to legalise homosexuality.

“The message that I was sending across to the nation, I would say to Trinidad and Tobago that this gay thing they want to legalize, I don’t want it to happen. Me say that because that will open up different doors that we do not really want and we do not see it right now but that is where it go head,” he said.

Warning that the country could face consequences if same sex relationships are legalised, Knight said: “If you open up the doors to these things you let in negativity.”

A message of a different kind was delivered by Freetown Collective during their performance of Normal featuring vocalists Muhammed Muwakil and Lou Lyons.

The song was about crime and violence in the country and society’s acceptance of deviant behaviour as normal.

The show started just before sunset on Saturday with welcome remarks by George Leacock, head of the Tobago Festivals Committee and opening remarks by Nadine Stewart-Phillips, Secretary of Tourism,

Culture and Transportation in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA).

Stewart-Phillips said the Tobago Jazz Experience was a chance for visitors and residents to be immersed in the authenticity of Tobago’s music, culture and cuisine.

“Ten years ago, the THA embarked on a historic journey to establish a flagship festival for the island and from Plymouth to Pigeon Point, Signal Hill to Speyside, the Tobago Jazz Experience has seen many transformations over the years.

“But one thing that remains constant, ladies and gentlemen, is that destination Tobago has proven to be the perfect location to serve up music, vibes and entertainment with a side of beautiful beaches and lush landscape, topped off with our signature Tobagonian warmth and hospitality,” she said.

The high point of the evening was when featured act Taurrus Riley arrived on stage and delivered several hits.

Source: (Shastri Boodan)