'Rejection of Rowley's Govt' - Venezuela's National Assembly deputy

The Deputy to the Venezuelan National Assembly, Carlos Valero is making his position clear, that the National Assembly rejects the treatment of Venezuelans in Trinidad and Tobago and the Dr Keith Rowley government because of its recognition of the Nicolas Maduro regime.

Last week, Valero issued a statement which seemed to praise the government for the way it handled the situation involving 19 girls who were rescued from sex traffickers.

But Valero issued a statement Monday, saying that his original statement might have been misinterpreted by the Trinidad and Tobago media.

"Our position with respect to Prime Minister Keith Rowley, is nothing but of deep rejection to inhuman treatment that our compatriots have received from his regime," he said.

He added: "He has been accomplice of Nicolas Maduro at denying the never-seen-before migratory crisis that our country is going through and at giving him his support in international forums. I am writing this letter in order to reject the misinterpretation that have arisen in the media which apparently started to spread after a bad translation by the Trinidadian press."

Valero said that nevertheless, the National Assembly appreciates the efforts made by the Trinidadian authorities to bring to an end the nightmare the girls were living in.

He added: "We encourage them to continue to work for the prevalence of human rights".

The government of Trinidad and Tobago has taken a position of non-interference and non-intervention in the affairs of Venezuela and has no stated support for either the Maduro or Guaido factions.

However, at least three government spokespersons, including the prime minister, have said that until the people of Venezuela decide on their leader, the T&T government will continue to recognise Maduro as the president in office.

Dr Rowley has been part of a Caricom team that went to the United Nations in New York and to an international conference in Uraguay, to posit Caricom's stance, which calls  for dialogue, a peaceful resolution and non-intervention by outside countries.


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