Report: Pathologist finds Persad's body completely drained of blood

Monday, April 18, 2016 - 20:00

A report carried in a daily newspaper is today referencing pathologist Dr Eslyn McDonald-Burris, saying that the body of Felicia Persad, who was found floating in the Mitan River in Manzanilla last week, was completely drained of blood.

The Newsday newspaper reports that while the autopsy could not determine how she was murdered, Persad's relatives who were at the Forensic Sciences Centre, told the newspaper of the pathologist's shocking findings.

The report says that McDonald-Burris confided to the relatives that this was the most bizarre autopsy she had performed in her career, saying that she could not find any blood in Persad's body.

The cause of death could not be ascertained because of the advanced stage of decomposition.

Relatives say that when Persad was found, her hands and feet were bound and a black piece of rope was tied around her neck. 

It is believed that Persad was killed on April 2nd, the same day that she was abducted.

Her killer had made attempts to have her body sink in the river.