Report of woman found alive in POS mortuary fridge is fake news

Reports of a woman being found alive at the Port-of-Spain mortuary are fake and appear to be mischief.

A Facebook post which was widely shared today suggested that an Arima woman was recovering at hospital after being pronounced dead by doctors following an accident along Churchill Roosevelt highway.

It said a morgue worker who checked on the body found she was breathing.

However, when CNC3 investigated the claims today, we were told all bodies have been dispatched to funeral homes or are still in the fridge.

We were also able to verify that there were no Accident and Emergency cases between Saturday and today.

In fact, all bodies that were moved to the morgue between that period were patients who died on the wards.

But what's even more disturbing is that the post is almost an exact replica of a BBC article which was posted today about an incident in South Africa.

The authors of the fake post simply replaced BBC with a local newspaper and the South African hospital with that of Port-of-Spain General Hospital.

We spoke with the CEO of the Port-of-Spain General Hospital Wendy Alo.

She told us she checked with hospital administration, the manager of the morgue, the director of health and all said the report was not true.

She explains that for a body to be brought into the morgue from an accident scene, it is first declared by a District Medical Officer and has to pass through the Accident and Emergency Department.

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