Reports claim Iraq to execute T&T woman found guilty of ISIS involvement

After initial reports that indicated that a Trinidad and Tobago woman was to be sentenced to life in prison for her role in ISIS, other news agencies are now reporting that she has in fact been sentenced to death in prison.

CNC3 News exclusively reported on the matter on Tuesday.

The UK Daily Mail is among several new agencies that are reporting that the sentence is in fact death.

It states that while "a French and two Russian women were sentenced to life imprisonment for belonging to the Islamic State group (ISIS) by the Iraqi courts, five from Azerbaijan were condemned to death along with a woman from Trinidad.”

The matter is now attracting the concern of Attorney General Faris Al Rawi who is investigating whether the reports are in fact true.

Meanwhile, Opposition Naparima MP, Rodney Charles is calling on Minister of National Security, Edmund Dillion and Minister Dennis Moses to provide details regarding T&T nationals held in Iraq and more so the T&T woman.

Following a Human Rights Watch report in 2017 concerning TT citizens being detained in Iraqi detention camps, Charles had questioned, in Parliament on January 12th 2018, whether the Minister of National Security had investigated these claims.

Minister Dillon’s response had suggested that he was in the dark, advising that T&T was using normal diplomatic channels “to confirm whether there are Trinidad and Tobago citizens in detention camps in Iraq.”

"Three months later, and we are still depending on the international media to keep us informed about the plight of our citizens abroad," Charles said in a media statement issued on Tuesday.

The identity of the woman has not yet been released.

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