Residents say man in custody during search for missing WPC will not be welcomed back to Sealots

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 05:30

Residents of Sealots say if the 39-year-old man held by police in connection with the sudden disappearance of constable Nyasha Joseph is released by police, he will not be welcomed back in the community.

The residents claimed the man, who lives at Production Drive, has been causing problems for them due to the stigma being placed on the area once again because of Joseph’s disappearance.

One resident said he has been causing “a crisis” in the area, while another resident said the man may not want to return if ever he is released from police custody.

Police meanwhile said they received a tip-off that Joseph’s body had been transported by pirogue and dumped in the mangroves off Sea Lots. They returned to the area and conducted searches in the marshy area, but again left empty handed.

However, they did arrest four men in connection with the discovery of one kilogram of marijuana. The officers also searched some houses in the area, including one belonging to Harvey Adams.

Speaking after the search of his house, Adams said he welcomed the efforts in locating Joseph.

“The police move professional and respectful. They didn’t rough me up or nothing. People in the area uncomfortable now and the police searching everybody,” Adams said.

Adams added that he knows the man police have arrested since he was a child, adding he and his family were peaceful people.

On Joseph’s whereabouts, he said, “I believe she is no longer alive, but I don’t think her body around here. If it was they would have found it already. This (searching Sea Lots) is a waste of time,” Adams said.

Relatives of Joseph said yesterday they are hopeful she is returned to them alive, but have been preparing themselves for the worst and just want closure.

On Monday, Crime Stoppers offered a $25,000 reward for any information which leads to locating Joseph, who has been missing since last Friday after she failed to report for duty. She was last seen in company with the 39-year-old Sea Lots man who is assisting police with their investigations. Police will continue their search today.

SOURCE: (Jensen La Vende)