River otter displaced by floods in Penal

While flood waters have been affecting several residents on South Trinidad, the country's wildlife is also being affected.

Residents of Latchoos Road, Penal were surprised to see an otter in their area following the floods.

The neotropical river otter is a species that is found in Central America, South America and in Trinidad.

It is physically similar to the northern and southern river otter, which occur directly north and south of this species' range.

The length can range from 35–59 inches of which the tail comprises about a third.

This otter is found in many different riverine habitats, including forests and savanna and prefers to live in clear fast-flowing rivers and streams.

It is a relatively solitary animal and feeds mostly on fish and crustaceans.

It is not entirely clear what became of it after this photo was taken and published online.

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