Road Policing Task Force rescues kidnap victim

Wednesday, January 8, 2020 - 07:30

Two suspects remain in police custody in relation to a kidnapping incident, following an anti-crime exercise in  the  Cumuto  district yesterday, conducted by the recently launched  Road  Policing  Task  Force  (RPTF).

The Road Policing Task Force—which initially commenced operations on  24 December  2019—is  expected  to  actively  engage  in intelligence-driven,  stop-and-search  activities,  in  addition  to  road traffic exercises such as anti-DUI and speeding enforcement.

Official police reports state that at  around  2:50pm  on  Tuesday  7 January,  RPTF officers  were  on  duty  at  the  intersection  of  the  Churchill  Roosevelt Highway  and Agua Santa Road in Cumuto,  when they  had cause to assist a male victim who was the front seat passenger of a vehicle.

After  intercepting  the  vehicle,  the  victim  told  officers  that  around 2:10pm,  he  was  at  a  gas  station  in  Valencia  when  he  was approached by two men.

He said the suspects dealt him multiple blows about the body  before relieving him of a  gold wedding ring. The victim told police the men then forcefully pushed him into the front passenger seat of the car and  drove off with his vehicle against his will.

The two suspects were immediately arrested by police and taken to the Valencia Police Station for further processing in relation to the reports made.

Investigations are ongoing.



Story by NEWS DESK