Ronaldo London crowned 2019 Calypso Monarch

Ronaldo London has been crowned the 2019 Calypso Monarch and has taken home the $700,000 first place prize at the Dimanche Gras 'Kaisorama' at the Queen's Park Savannah Thursday night.

London, singing in position number 16 beat back a field of 16 with his song 'Man's Imagination' to dethrone last year's champion Helon Francis.

The judges gave London the top nod over Karene Asche who took 2nd place and $400,000 and Helon Francis who placed 3rd and took home $200,000.

Asche sang 'Loco and Broco' in position number 2 while Francis sang ''What Coming Next' in position number 10.

Maria Bhola placed fourth and took home $100,000.

Those who placed between 6th and 10th took home a purse of $40,000 while those who placed from 11th to 16th took home $25,000.

The competition ended just before 12.30 am Friday.

The order of results was as follows:

1. Ronaldo London - 'Man's Imagination'

2. Karene Asche - Loco and Broco'

3. Helon Francis - 'What Coming Next'

4. Maria Bhola - 'False Alarm'

5. Devon Seales - 'Two Face'

6. Winston "Gypsy" Peters - 'When Elephants Fight'

7. Kurt "The Last Bad John of Calypso" Allen - 'Wha Yuh Say'

8. Roderick "Chucky" Gordon - 'El Muro (The Wall)'

9. Duane O'Connor - 'Respect'

10. Joanne "Tigress" Rowley - 'Who Feels It Knows'

11. Erphaan Alves - 'I Am'

12. Stacey Sobers - 'Make T&T Great Again'

13. Anthony "Allrounder" Hendrickson - 'Where are the Footprints'

14. Alana "Lady Watchman" Sinnette-Khan - 'Pressure Does Buss Pipe'

15. Dawren "Pharoah" Greenidge - 'Formula'

16. Alex "Tobago Chalkie" Gift - 'Travel Advisory'

- by Sampson Nanton. Photos by Shirley Bahadur.

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