Rough seas damage Marabella homes

More than 30 homes near the seafront at Bay Shore, Mara­bel­la, were rav­aged by pow­er­ful waves caused by an un­usu­al­ly rough sea last evening.

Res­i­dents who live near the seafront lost house­hold items, in­clud­ing beds, re­frig­er­a­tors and stoves af­ter the wa­ters in­vad­ed their homes.

The said just af­ter mid­day yes­ter­day an un­usu­al wave pat­tern de­vel­oped and by 4.30 pm many homes were dam­aged by high waves.

One af­fect­ed res­i­dent was pen­sion­er Man­gree Har­ry­dath, 70, and her hus­band, Az­iz Ho­sein, 72.

Har­ry­dath said her hus­band suf­fered a stroke and was un­able to help him­self when the waves came in­to their prop­er­ty. Har­ry­dath’s en­tire house was dam­aged by the sea.

Al­so se­vere­ly af­fect­ed was fish­er­man Anil Adi­moolah.

He said he lost a fish­ing net which cost in ex­cess of S30,000.

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