Sagewan-Alli issues challenge to Imbert following criticism in Parliament

Economist Indera Sagewan-Alli has thrown out a challenge to Finance Minister Colm Imbert to discuss what the Government is doing with regards to growth of the non-energy sector of the economy.

Her challenge follows the Minister's criticism of her and four other economists in Parliament Friday morning.

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The following is Sagewan-Alli's response:

"When a minister feels it is necessary to cowardly call you out under parliamentary cover, people SHOULD listen to you!

This is water off my back, as I’ve been called PNM by UNC for speaking on behalf of country and more than once, UNC by PNM for speaking for country. And when each in opposition they call and value my opinion. That said, I continue to do what I do unbiased, unafraid, putting country first.

Minister Imbert, I’m calling you out now, no cover of parliament.

Explain the growth in the non-energy sector you claim. Which specific sectors? Tourism? Manufacturing? Agriculture? Yachting? 

Minister, I invite you to join me on my TV series "Diversification: Not Just Talk" any Wednesday night 8-9pm on IETV.

If that’s not convenient, I’ll come to your office to explore what your Government is doing for honey, cocoa, yachting, agriculture, health tourism.....etc. 

Minister I can tell you what needs to be done to actually spur real growth in non-energy industries and explain how yours and most every other government have and continue to fail the diversification agenda. Open invitation Minister. I, and I’m sure the country, look forward to your response. 

I don’t need the protection of the parliament, Honorable Minister. I am very confident in my professional experience and expertise and say to you let’s have a one on one in the interest of country." 

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