San Fernando Mayor vows to crack down on stone-throwing bandits

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 - 11:30

San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein in vowing to crack down on stone-throwing bandits and is urging residents of the city to be vigilant.

The Mayor says the San Fernando City Corporation is working closely with the police to crack down on those committing the crimes.

The following is a statement from the San Fernando City Corporation.

"Following reports on social media of rock-throwing bandits near Gulf City Mall, Mayor Alderman Haji Kazim Hosein urges residents and visitors to the city to be vigilant of their surroundings. “I understand the distress that people feel in light of these occurrences, and I want everyone to know that the safety and security of the families in this city is the top priority,” he stated. He continued by saying that many people are out shopping for back to school items and unfortunately bandits try to take advantage of that; “At this back to school time, such robberies are direct crimes against our children, depriving them of the tools they need to start the academic year. It will not be tolerated!”

Since assuming office, the Mayor has deepened the cooperation with the TTPS and the City Police leading to an increase the number of patrols across the city, but is of the opinion that one incident like this is still too many. He reiterated the commitment to continuous collaboration with all protective services to ensure the safety of all persons in the city, and also appealed to patrons of the various shopping centres to remain alert and to immediately report suspicious activity to the police.

He concluded by affirming that, “we will find these criminals and deal with them. One of my main aims since taking up office was to eliminate the lawlessness in the city, from following traffic rules, to cutting overgrown lots. Direct crimes, these robberies, committed against our friends and neighbours are receiving the full attention of the authorities in the city. Keeping the city safe is hard work, but the TTPS, City Police and the burgesses are up to the task.”