San Juan to POS taxi fare to increase

Sunday, April 17, 2016 - 20:00

From tomorrow, passengers travelling from San Juan to Port of Spain and back will now have to pay $5 .

The San Juan/Port of Spain Taxi Drivers Association says it has been forced to raise its fares by $1 from $4 after the recent increase in fuel prices.

Fuel prices were initially increased in October 2015, but taxi drivers did not raise the fare, however now, with the second increase, taxi drivers say they are forced to raise fares to stay afloat.

The association says drivers tried to conserve gas by driving without air conditioning however passengers began complaining about the heat and for comfort during their rides.

This is the second fare increase to occur since the mid-year budget review was read. However, the route two maxi taxi drivers have refrained from raising their prices a second time, following the initial fuel price increase, but said they will continue to monitor the situation.