Sando business assoc. head: Decrease in petty crimes in lead up to Carnival

With 24 more mu­nic­i­pal po­lice of­fi­cers pa­trolling the streets of San Fer­nan­do, pres­i­dent of the San Fer­nan­do Busi­ness As­so­ci­a­tion Daphne Bartlett says there has been a marked de­crease of pet­ty crimes in the lead­up to Car­ni­val.

In an in­ter­view, Bartlett said since her as­so­ci­a­tion met with Po­lice Com­mis­sion­er Gary Grif­fith two months ago, sev­er­al crime pre­ven­tion strate­gies were rolled out which has great­ly re­duced crime in the south city.

Say­ing she was sat­is­fied with the per­for­mance of the po­lice, Bartlett said fre­quent pa­trols has al­ways act­ed as a de­ter­rent to crime.

Bartlett al­so not­ed that the set­ting up of mo­bile pa­trols around the city has worked well in de­ter­ring crim­i­nals.

“Not too long ago, there were many day­light rob­beries in San Fer­nan­do. We had pet­ty theft, pick­pock­et­ing but this has di­min­ished a great deal,” Bartlett said. She al­so added that there has been a change in the at­ti­tudes of the po­lice.

“They are more help­ful and kind. For ex­am­ple, nor­mal­ly they would tick­et busi­ness­peo­ple if they park in front of their stores on af­ter­noons but now they re­al­ize that we have to stay a 15 minute in front of the stores to pack goods so they al­low us this time and they don’t tick­et us,” Bartlett said.

Prais­ing the po­lice for pa­trolling the city, Bartlett said she wel­comed the new ini­tia­tives to crime fight­ing.

Mean­while, Sgt An­tho­ny Dorset, who led new mu­nic­i­pal re­cruits on pa­trol, said he was heart­ened by the tremen­dous re­spect the po­lice were get­ting from the pub­lic.

He said part of Grif­fith’s crime fight was to have more of­fi­cers out­side on the streets.

“We are show­ing the new re­cruits the right way to do polic­ing. It means that we not on­ly en­force law and or­der but we al­so help those in need,” Dorset said. He added that par­tic­u­lar streets in the city were giv­en at­ten­tion. These in­clude High Street, Mu­cu­rapo Street, Cof­fee Street, Har­ris Prom­e­nade and Chancery Lane.

“There are lots of law­less peo­ple these days. We see a lot of peo­ple con­tra­ven­ing traf­fic laws and we en­force the law for the ben­e­fit of the wider cit­i­zen­ry. We are al­so out here help­ing peo­ple as best as we can,” Dorset said.

He not­ed that foot pa­trols will con­tin­ue in the lead­up to Car­ni­val.

Reporter: Radhica Sookraj

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