Schools affected by flooding to remain closed

The Ministry of Education has stated only schools that have been affected by the rains and those that are being used as shelters will be closed.

In a press release today,  the Education Minister issued a call for parents and students to be vigilant during these rains.

Understanding that the education of our students is of paramount importance the Ministry will be making all efforts and working with stakeholders to return all schools to a state of normalcy in the shortest possible time.

Minister Garcia also stated “At times like these we have to step up and be our brother’s keeper.

I understand that parents may be concerned about schools being used as shelters and classes being disrupted but I assure you that we will all work together to compensate for the class time that is lost while being gracious to our fellow countrymen that have been affected.”

The following schools will be closed on Monday 22nd October, 2018:


ASJA Girls' College Charlieville

La Horquetta South Government Primary School

La Horquetta North Government Primary School

St. Davids RC Primary School

Munroe Road SDMS Primary School

Madras Government Primary School

Las Lomas Government Primary School

Raghunanan Road Government Primary School


Durham SDMS Primary School

Blanchissuse Secondary School

La Fillette RC Primary School

Warrenville Presbyterian Primary School

Warrenville TIA Primary School

Caroni Presbyterian Primary School

St. Helena Presbyterian Primary School

St. Helena SDMS Primary School

Todd’s Road RC Primary School

Caroni SDMS Primary School

North Oropuche RC Primary School

Cunapo St. Francis RC Primary School

Valencia South Government Primary School

North Oropuche Government Primary School

San Raphael RC Primary School

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