Scotia: Proactive action resulted in discovery of skimming equipment

Scotiabank is maintaining that the safety and security of customers' accounts remains a priority, in light of a video showing police removing skimming equipment from its Freeport branch.

The bank issued a statement on the topic on Friday.

"The safety and security of our customer accounts and information is a top priority at Scotiabank, and is a responsibility we take very seriously," Scotiabank said.

It added: "As part of our routine preventative measures, we proactively found a recording device at one of our ATMs, which was immediately removed. Investigations are underway and the authorities are involved. The Bank remains committed to protecting customers against instances of fraudulent activities and continues to implement measures to safeguard against them."

The video shows police officers removing a panel at the top of the ATM machine, which contained what appeared to be a mobile phone in recording mode.

Skimmers use cameras to capture the PINs of unsuspecting customers.

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