Second time unlucky for Carenage businessman

Monday, September 19, 2016 - 09:30

A Carenage businessman who escaped with his life after being repeatedly stabbed at his home on August 18th, was stabbed this morning at his home at Moya Trace, off Haig Street, Carenage.

42-year-old Raul Joseph was stabbed repeatedly by an intruder who stormed the family's home around 2.45 am.

His common-law wife Andrea “Hannah” Edwards, 37, had been killed when she too was stabbed in the attack on August 18th, an attack that left Joseph hospitalised and partially paralysed.

Joseph was the owner of party boats named “Top Cat”, "Island Vibes" and "O-Fish-Al".

Police say Joseph was lying on his sofa when an intruder dressed in black entered the compound and stabbed him repeatedly.

Police say the compound in which he was killed is "fortified".

Carenage and Homicide Bureau officer are investigating.