Senior military officer tops training programme on Terrorism and Security Studies

Monday, April 24, 2017 - 13:15

The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force says it has gained in its efforts to combat terrorism, with training offered to a senior military officer on terrorism and security studies.

The Military issued this statement on the training offered to Captain Steve Benny:

"Captain Steve Benny of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment recently graduated from the Program on Terrorism and Security Studies (PTSS) at the George C Marshall, European Center for Security Studies in Germany. During this intensive four-week resident program which concluded in March 2017, insightful perspectives were gained from military professionals. Training was conducted with Regional and International counterparts on how to combat terrorism in the 21st Century.

This course of training allowed the Regiment to access strategies on how to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the potential tensions and trade-offs between enhancing operational effectiveness while respecting civil liberties. In the current, rapidly evolving national and international security landscapes, it is essential for the military in Trinidad and Tobago to accurately interpret the environment and analyse the rule of law.

This course enhanced "intellectual interoperability" and mutual understanding about the transnational threat of terrorism and its potential evolution. Furthermore, the course included modules which focused on understanding the ideologies and mechanisms of terrorism and the required strategies to counteract them.

Captain Benny was also recognised for his exemplary leadership and overall performance on the Manoeuvre Captains Career Course (MCCC), Fort Benning, Georgia. Captain Benny competed against top US Marines and Army Rangers and excelled in all areas of this course which ran from April to November 2016.

Captain Benny was commended by the Deputy Commander of US SOUTHCOM, Lieutenant General Joseph P. DiSalvo for winning the overall top seminar award on this programme. Captain Benny’s performance and high calibre of professionalism are demonstrative of the Officers, Men and Women of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment and the wider Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force.

The Trinidad and Tobago Regiment continues to seek to develop capacity in Counter-Terrorism in support of our national interests. The leadership of the Regiment and the Defence Force is committed to maintaining a ready posture to treat with future threats."