Sexual assault on child seen in viral video, did not occur in T&T

Police have confirmed that the video that had been circulating on social media of a female child being sexually abused by a man did not originate in Trinidad and Tobago. 

The video was shared on social media last week, with claims that it occurred in Diego Martin.

The man was said to have been beaten by neighbours who learned of his sordid behaviour.

However, the Police Service said in a series of tweets today, that it worked with US law enforcement and traced the video to Alabama where a 44-year-old man has since been charged.

The man turned himself over to Millbrook Police at 2:30 am today.

Germain Moore was charged with sexual assault of a child; distribution of the video depicting the assault and first-degree criminal assault.

A 42-year-old man was also charged with distributing the video.

Police said in a statement to the media warned anyone who ‘shares the video, even in outrage, can also face charges.

The Police Service and the Childrens’ Authority had also warned the public against sharing the offensive video which one local paper in its editorial had taken objection to.

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