Sforzata, Exodus to lead off medium, large bands at Panorama Semis

Sforzata and Republic Bank Exodus will appear first in each of their categories when the Pan Trinbago/NLCB National Panorama Semi Finals get on the way at 9 am on Sunday at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Twenty-eight steel orchestras in the medium and large bands categories will join 30 small bands in the “Savannah Party” for places in the grand finals.

The draw for playing positions for the medium and large bands took place earlier this morning.

The draw for small bands will take place on Thursday.

Bands will perform in the following order.


1. Republic Bank Exodus - Good Morning

2. Caribbean Airlines Invaders - Full Extreme

3. bptt Renegades - Good Morning

4. Skiffle - Good Morning

5. Phase II Pan Groove in Assoc with HADCO - Red, White & Black

6. NGC La Brea Nightingales - We Are Conquerors

7. birdsong - Pan Kingdom

8. Desperadoes - Good Morning

9. PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars - We Are Conquerors

10. FCB Supernovas - Rumble In The Jungle

11. MHTL Starlift - Good Morning

12.NLCB Fonclaire - Panorama Soldier

13. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps - Single

14. Massy Trinidad All Stars - Full Extreme


1. Sforzata - Ducking

2. NGC Couva Joylanders - Band of the Year

3. NGC Steel Xplosion - Wet Me Down

4. Arima Angel Harps - Far From Finished

5. Pan-Demonium - Cheers To Life

6. Curepe Scherzando - Stranger

7. Petrotrin Katzenjammers - Good Morning

8. Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille - Dangerous

9. NLCB Valley Harps - Total Disorder

10. Western Stars Philharmonics - Stranger

11. NLCB Buccooneers - Rhythm Run Ting

12. Pamberi - Gee Gee Ree

13. Pan Elders - Roti and Talkarie

14. Melodians - Umbaya

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