Shannon's organs were not removed

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - 12:00

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Wayne Dick says there is no truth to rumours that the organs of Shannon Banfield were removed when she was murdered.

"Absolute no truth and for that I must thank the media at this opportune time for your persistence in trying to find out the truth," Dick told a news conference called specifically to address the investigations into the murder of Banfield.

It came just hours after IAM employee Dale Seecharan was charged with the murder.

"I am satisfied at this point in time that he acted alone," Dick said.

He believes the police have compelling evidence to prosecute Seecharan for the murder.

My experience in homicide afford me the opportunity to say as long as a person is charged with murder following an investigation, the case is strong. The DPP, who I have great respect for, will not in any way give directions and advise on the prosecution of someone, if the standard of proof required in a particular case has not been met," Dick said.

He also dismissed claims that other skeletal remains were found in the building, saying the police did a thorough search of the entire place.

"We took full control of that crime scene and as a matter of fact that crime scene was only released one hour ago. It is really appalling to hear unscrupulous statements made. This investigating team under my leadership cannot in any way support any such statement," he said.

38-year-old Seecharan has been remanded into custody until the next hearing on January 17th.