Sheron was protected by criminal gang - police

Millionaire real estate and used car dealer Sheron Sukhdeo lived his life in the fast lane.

He loved fast money, gold jewellery and fast cars.

This was evident in the posts he made on social media showcasing his luxury vehicles and racing cars.

But while police probe a possible family link to his death, officers of the Central Division police said members of the Rasta City gang of Beetham Gardens were planning to kill Sukhdeo years ago, even though he was well protected by members of the main rival Muslim gang.

In 2016, an attempt was made on his life but he escaped. Sukhdeo is reported to also have had several police officers on his payroll and used them also to keep his enemies at bay.

Despite the murder attempt, Sukhdeo took precautions to protect his family.

Members of the Muslim gang knew Sukhdeo well and became his bodyguards. He helped one of the Muslim gang leaders to set up a car dealership in Laventille, which was financed by money launderers and the drug cartel.

Despite the threats on his life, Sukhdeo, 33, would be seen walking in Charlieville and along Caroni Savannah Road Chaguanas, where he operated his business. He flashed his wealth by wearing lots of gold jewellery and even bought a private plane.

He travelled frequently abroad with his wife Rachael and in one Facebook post, Rachel was seen posing with American reality television personality Kim Kardashian.

They had been together since Rachael was 14 and he was 16. They got married two years later and had two children.

However, their marriage became the subject of public scrutiny since 2016, when Rachael posted photos of herself showing injuries she suffered during a beating from Sukhdeo.

He was charged twice for assault in February 2016 and later in May 2017 but the charges were dropped after his wife refused to testify.

On January 11, Sukhdeo posted a meme featuring Colombian drug lord and narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar, whom he admired. The post read, “I can replace things but I could never replace my wife and kids.”

Like Escobar, Sukhdeo wanted to share his wealth with the poor, having experienced financial difficulties himself before he went into business. During the recent floods, Sukhdeo distributed hampers.

Police said they were bracing for reprisal killings following the death.


Two days after Sukhdeo was gunned down near her parent’s home, Rachael Sukhdeo was taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility after suffering from a medical complication. Homicide officers said around 10 am, Rachael was taken to a health facility where doctors had to give her emergency treatment. Her two young children have been staying with her parents as police try to find the people behind Sukhdeo’s untimely demise. Region Three Homicide officers are continuing investigations into Sukhdeo’s death.