Sinanan: Cyclists to be given same rights as motorists

Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan says he will be taking a policy document to cabinet this Thursday aimed at protecting cyclists on the nation’s roadways.
Minister Sinanan was on the scene of today’s horrific double fatality along the Beetham Highway involving members of the Slipstream Cycling Club.
Minister Sinanan said motorists do not respect cyclists, especially on the highways. He said the policy being brought to cabinet was something his team has been working on for over a year. While he said he could not give specifics, he said the document aims to give cyclists equal rights as other vehicles on the highways.
He noted that road signs forbid cycling on highways but he said that rule was put in place before the highways were upgraded and expanded. He said the policy should rectify that.
The minister said this is not a reaction to today’s double fatality but was in the works for some time.
He is asking the cycling fraternity not to give up and he is seeking to give them the assurance that his ministry will continue to the drive to make their sport as safe as possible.
If cabinet adopts the note then it will go to the parliament where if passed, will then lead to amendments to the road traffic act.

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