Sinanan: Reconstruction of collapsed road begins this weekend

Works Minister Rohan Sinanan is promising that reconstruction of the partially collapsed road at Balmain, Couva will begin by this weekend.

Responding to complaints from motorists about the horrendous traffic along the Balmain Main Road, Sinanan said it was not true that the entire road had collapsed. He said one lane was still passable.

"We understand the predicament of motorists and we are working on it. Tenders are going out today and we should have a contractor on site by the weekend," Sinanan said. He added that preliminary work will be done to have both lanes passable.

"We also plan to do geotechnical studies to find a permanent solution," Sinanan said. Asked to elaborate, Sinanan said he could not identify the solutions until a proper assessment was done.

In the meantime, Sinanan said motorists can continue using the one lane or could utilize alternative routes.

Chairman of the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation Henry Awong said over the past few weeks the road has become worse.

Calling on the Ministry to act, Awong said the collapsed road has triggered extensive traffic gridlocks along Balmain Main Road, Exchange Road, Camden Road, and Savonetta Junction.

“People are complaining that business is suffering in Couva because of the deplorable state of the roads. Balmain Road is not the only one. The road along Grand Couva heading to La Vega is affected by a major landslide there. Vehicles passing on that road there is barely anything left. It is the main thoroughfare and a lot of tourists love to go there, but workers say their business is suffering due to the poor road conditions," Awong added.

- by Radhica De Silva


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