Slain man’s relatives claim he was victim of abusive partner

Relatives of murder victim Dexter Hospedales, 33, of Arima, are claiming he was a victim of domestic violence for several years.

Hospedales was stabbed once in the left side of the chest while at his rented apartment at Boy Cato Road, Las Lomas, on Wednesday morning.

Hospedales was originally from Mootoo Lands, Arima, and was an animal and produce farmer for the past two years.

A police report initially stated that at about 10.30 am, Hospedales had an altercation with a close female relative and was subsequently stabbed by an unknown assailant who ran onto the compound a few minutes after the altercation started.

Yesterday, however, police said on Wednesday night they were told by Hospedales’ close female relative that she stabbed him in self defence.

But speaking with the T&T Guardian at the Forensic Sciences Centre, St James, yesterday, Hospedales’ cousin, who wished not to give his name on record, said over a year ago Hospedales was stabbed in a domestic dispute with the same woman and was warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mount Hope.

He was at the time renting an apartment in Arima.

Hospedales’ cousin said he did not know what happened between the two when he was discharged from the hospital, but knew that his cousin was still with the woman after that.

He added that they knew Hospedales was allegedly constantly abused by the woman during their relationship, but said he did not know for sure if he would have made any official reports to the police.

While at the facility, the T&T Guardian was directed to the woman in question, but she walked off when approached.

A male relative of hers said they would not be commenting on the incident.

Hospedales’ relatives are calling for justice and are hoping the investigating officers carry out their investigations in a fair and unbiased manner.Investigations are continuing.

Source: (Rhondor Dowlat)

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