Someone has stolen a truck waiting on the port with goods for Tobago

Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 08:45

A truck full of goods to be taken to Tobago was stolen off Wrightson Road this morning and another was vandalized.

When CNC3 visited the port this morning, the already frustrated truckers who complained of not being able to get onto the Tuesday sailing were further incensed when they learn a ten-tonne trucks full of Nestle products was stolen.

The white Ford vehicle was parked with many others along Wrightson Road, while the driver checked in at the terminal.

Another driver noticed the truck drive by and alerted the driver who lodged a report with port police and left in search of the vehicle with police officers.

Minutes later another vehicle was vandalised, it's glass shattered.

The driver made the discovery but was relieved, the bandits didn't have enough time to make off with his cash.

He says he has enough to cover the $5000-cost to repair the glass.