Sorry, you're not $22 million keeps on rolling

If you're waking up this morning wondering whether you're just a mere $22 million richer, well, we have bad news for you.

No one won the lotto last night. Happy right?!!

Yep, we know some of you looked at the draw last night and realised that you didn't win, so it's not such bad news after all.

Actually, while the estimated jackpot was $22 million, the actual jackpot amounted to $22,948,764.68, just enough extra hundred thousands to buy a roti and a red solo.

The estimated jackpot is likely to rise to around $25 million for Wednesday's draw, but it's still far from the highest jackpot ever won in T&T, which was $34 million, won by one person in November 2015.

And for the few who got the five numbers of 2, 6, 23, 24, 34 (three of you, we're told) but failed to get the powerball 9, yikes.....ouuuuch! 

Better luck next time.

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