SORT ends search of Gulf View home

A two-hour raid at the home of a prominent south businessman ended this morning with officers from the special operations response team (SORT) walking away empty handed.

The raid happened shortly after dawn at penny avenue, gulf view, la romaine, in south Trinidad.

Guardian media understands that the house is owned by Simon Alexander, the owner of allied industrial supplies company limited.

A source said the team was acting on information.

More than ten police vehicles with close to a dozen officers conducted the search.

Neighbours gathered outside the building to watch the raids and said as far as they knew the Alexander family wasn't involved in nefarious activities.

Senior officers later confirmed that nothing was found.

Alexander and his wife who left the house after the two-hour search spoke briefly with the Guardian Media team.

When approached, he said someone told the police that he had drugs in the house.

Alexander insisted he was not involved in any illegal activity and later left to open his San Fernando business place.

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