Southern Division police deny suspect held

Southern Division police are denying that a suspect has been held for questioning in the disappearance of Natalie Pollonais.

There were rumours that the suspect was held this morning after he was found with Pollonais' mobile phone.

However, a senior officer told the Trinidad Guardian that there have been many false rumours being spread through social media that has been causing increased anxiety among Pollonais' family and friends. 

On Thursday, Pollonais, 47, of Palmiste, San Fernando was reported missing to San Fernando police by her husband, Inland and Offshore Contractors Ltd (IOCL) director, Jason Pollonais.

Concerns were raised when the mother of two did not return home from her trip to the Central Athletic Club gym at C3 Centre, Ste Madeleine and calls to her cell phone were not answered.

She was expected to meet with a friend following a trip to the centre, but she never made it there.

There were reports that Pollonais was kidnapped at the centre and placed in a white panel van.

Hours later, the family received a ransom call and they were gathering the money last night. 

But investigators said that this was not true as no ransom call was received by the family and  CCTV footage from the centre showed the Pollonais left the mall comfortably in her white BMW 5308 hy­brid sedan. 

In a release, the mall’s management said that Pollonais spent some time with several tenants at the facility and she “subsequently left just before noon under normal circumstances."

The management expressed their concerns for the Pollonais and requested that the public empathise with the family and respect the police investigation, and refrain from circulating false and misleading information. 

Investigators confirmed that the CCTV records have been shared with them.

On Thursday night officers from the San Fernando CID, Ogranised Crime and Intelligence Unit and the Anti Kidnapping Unit, led by ACP Jason Forde, Supt Yussuff Gafar, ASP Peter Ramdeen, Insp Don Gajdhar and Insp Steve Persad found Pollonais’ car in the parking lot of an apartment building in Cypress Hills, Union Hall, San Fernando.

A false registration plate had been stuck over the original plate to throw off the police.

However, Pollonais car is just one of two in the country. It was taken to the San Fernando Police Station and is expected to be taken to the Special Evidence Recovery Unit. Meanwhile, the search continues for Pollonais.

- by Kevon Felmine

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