Spiritual helpers, counselors, psychologists flock to help 'buck'-attacked family

An outpouring of spiritual help has come to the Mathura family of Morne Roache in Gasparillo, who believe that a mystical spirit creature called a Buck is terrorizing them inside their home.

And while a dozen people stood in line to offer prayers, some of the villagers at Morne Roache say they have never seen the buck.

They called on professionals to offer psychological help and counselling to the family.

More than five teams of people visited the Mathuras Tuesday.

Among these were spiritual leader Baba Anil Jaimungal of Santa Flora, who read Psalms 36 and 37 from the Bible, a pastor from Trincity, a Whiteland pastor and a Siparia pundit.

During an interview, Krishna Mathura said he was grateful for all the support.

He said several other people called him, among these were Dr Karin Kowlessar who claimed to be specialized in parapsychology and paranormal normal sciences. 

"I feel good. I am happy that so many people came to help," Mathura added.

He said apart from their missing television remote nothing else was stolen from the house.

Mathura said he hoped that police could help him recover the items.

He said he spoke to an officer from the Gasparillo police station who agreed to come and visit them at home.

However, some of Mathura's neigbours said they never saw anything unusual in the village.

A relative who requested anonymity said it was not the first time that the Mathura's made unusual claims.

"He used to tell us that his father-in-law used to transform into animals. They need some help because is nonsense they talking," the relative said.

However, in an interview metaphysician, Dr Karin Kowlessar said the family's claims of seeing a buck were not unreal.

"These things exist. I want to visit the family and make an assessment," Kowlessar added.

Asked to elaborate, Kowlessar said, " I know that a Buck is of a different nature than other. It is a different frequency of energy.  You cannot light up googool and red lavender. I will have to talk to it.  I also have to assess the people who are in the house. If they are going through something I will know." 

Kowlessar said she earned her doctorate at the University of Metaphysical Sciences in California and journeyed to Costa Rica for her training.

A check by the Guardian on the University's website stated that it was "a non-profit distance learning facility, offering downloadable courses from the internet, or delivered via postal mail."

She said she also did hypnosis at the American School of Hypnosis. 

Another American Eric Pugh, who is a trained security consultant, said he was also willing to help.

Pugh, who now lives in Trinidad said he plans to use energy to get the spirit out of the house.

He claimed he has helped over 14,000 people and conducted over 1,400 exorcisms over a 23 year period.

Pugh said he will meet with the family at 6 pm on Thursday to evaluate the situation and if it is found that a spirit being was really there, he will cast it out. 

- by Radhica De Silva


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