Sport: Manchester United retains World's Richest Club position

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 10:15

Manchester United have held on to top spot as the world’s richest club, by just £1.7 million from Real Madrid.

It is the 10th time United have been top of the list, compiled by Deloitte, for the highest revenue generating club in the world.

United generated revenue of €676 million (£581 million), pipping Champions League winners Real Madrid, even though the Spanish giants’ success in Europe’s most prestigious club competition saw their revenue grow in the last 12 months by 54.5 million euros.

It was United’s own success in Europe that meant they clung on to top spot as their victory in the Europa League final meant they received €44.5 million in payments from Uefa.

As expected United and Real Madrid are joined by Barcelona to complete the top three places, with Bayern Munich fourth.

Manchester City consolidated their place in the top five and Leicester City rose to 14th, from 20th last year, with television revenue the biggest single revenue stream for all of the 20 richest clubs.

Whilst all Premier League clubs benefited from the improved broadcast deals, it was Southampton and Leicester’s performance in European competitions which saw them gain their highest ever respective positions.