Stolen Carib Brewery truck recovered

A Carib brewery truck has been recovered after being stolen this morning from the port of Port of Spain. According to the head of security at Carib Alan Araujo, the truck was dropped off at the port to be picked up by a contractor who services the Tobago market. 

The truck was loaded with approximately 4 hundred thousand dollars in merchandise. 

We understand that soon after the truck was left at the port, the head of security noticed on the GPS tracking system that the truck was heading to the east of Trinidad instead of to Tobago

The police were called in and the truck was found abandoned in San Juan

All of the merchandise was still intact. Today, Mr. Araujo tells us the Carib trucks do not carry cash and are all monitored by GPS tracking.

 The company is thanking the police for their quick action. 

The matter is now subject to a police investigation.

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