Stolen cows found, tortured and brutalised

Bleed­ing, starved and cov­ered in ticks, two stolen bulls were re­cov­ered teth­ered to a bill­board of the Solomon Ho­choy High­way on Tues­day night.

The an­i­mals were among eight stolen this week from the pas­tures off the M2 Ring Road in La Ro­maine.


One of the an­i­mals, a young bull had a gap­ing wound to its side which was cov­ered with mag­gots. The oth­er bull was bleed­ing as part of its ear was sev­ered.

The an­i­mals were spot­ted by a mo­torist who rec­og­nized them from a pho­to­graph pub­lished this week on Face­book and Guardian Me­dia.

Dur­ing an in­ter­view, one of the own­ers Robin, who was too afraid to iden­ti­fy him­self ful­ly, said he got a call around 9:40 pm that the an­i­mals were near the high­way. He called the St Mar­garet's Po­lice and then the San Fer­nan­do Po­lice who ad­vised him to go to the high­way and col­lect the an­i­mals.

While load­ing the bulls on­to a van, Robin said he flagged down a pass­ing E999 van. They con­sult­ed with the CID and then as­sist­ed him in bring­ing home the in­jured an­i­mals.


Robin said he was shocked to see the state of the an­i­mals.

"I had to buy a bot­tle of Ne­ga­sunt pow­der to treat the wound. The bull had a big hole on the side. Ap­par­ent­ly, when they were trans­port­ing the an­i­mals they got hurt. Three-quar­ters of the bull's ear was miss­ing. It was re­al­ly sad to see the an­i­mals in this state," he added.

Robin said on­ly one of the an­i­mals be­longed to him and he was now search­ing for the own­er of the younger bull.

In all, Robin said eight of his cows and bulls have been stolen, all val­ued at $36,000.

One of the preg­nant cows was killed and her un­born ba­by al­so died. An­oth­er heifer was re­cov­ered on Sun­day at some­one's home. That sus­pect was ar­rest­ed and the mat­ter is be­fore the courts. Robin said he was still in the process of pulling off ticks from the an­i­mals to pre­vent them from get­ting tick fever.

"It will take a while to bring them back to how they were. In the mean­time we are call­ing on the po­lice to help us," Robin added.

Robin said oth­er farm­ers al­so lost live­stock.

An or­ange wag­on and a white Kia van are be­lieved to have been used to steal the an­i­mals.

The ve­hi­cles have been seen dri­ving through the area and load­ing an­i­mals at ran­dom.

Reporter: Radhica De Silva

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