Stork's management denies hiring contract workers

Country manager of Stork Technical Services Philip Vilain has denied reports that contract workers were now being hired to replace permanent workers who accepted Voluntary Separation Enhancement packages against the advice of their union last month.

Responding to questions sent to him via Whatsapp, Vilain also denied that the company had promised to pay the Board of Inland Revenue taxes on behalf of the workers.

"Enhanced Voluntary Separation Enhancement Package was offered based on discussions with the employees union. The employees were told that we will apply to BIR for an exemption on the taxes due on the agreed sum but that outcome was not guaranteed," he explained.

Saying the BIR did not grant the exemption, Vilain said they were now seeking a meeting with the Oilfield Workers Trade Union to seek a resolution to the matter.

He also said, "I have no knowledge that new scaffolders were hired to replace the staffers who accepted VSEP."

On Tuesday, permanent senior staff employees staged a protest outside of the company's headquarters in Point Lisas saying they were hoodwinked by the company.

Former shop steward of the Oilfield Workers Trade Union Learie Licorish, who also accepted VSEP said the offer was made to 50 permanent workers from the Scaffolding department at Point Lisas and Mayaro/Guayaguayare of which 20 of them accepted.

- by Radhica De Silva

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