Suspect held minutes after robbing female victim in Diego Martin

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - 14:00

Quick work by officers of the Four Roads Police Station resulted in the arrest of a bandit and the recovery of a quantity of cash, which had been stolen minutes earlier from a female victim in the Diego Martin district.

According to official police reports, the  victim  was  walking  along  the  walkover  of  the Diego Martin highway around 11:15am, on Tuesday 10 December 2019, when she was accosted by a man who grabbed a black bag containing  a  quantity  of  cash  from  her. 

The  man  then  made  his escape on foot into Cuthbert Circular.

A  report  was  made  to  the  police.

Officers  of  the  Four  Roads district who were on patrol in the area  responded and subsequently apprehended the suspect a short distance away. The black bag with the quantity of cash also was recovered from his possession.

The  suspect;  a  19-year-old  of  La  Resource  Road,  Laventille,  was arrested in connection with the incident.

Investigations are ongoing.

The Police  Service  is reminding citizens who are visiting commercial banks to change their old $100 bills  into  the  new  polymer  note  to  be  cautious  when carrying large quantities of cash in their possession.

The  TTPS  is  conducting  frequent mobile  and  foot  patrols  in  the  vicinity  of  banking  institutions,  to ensure that civilians are able to carry out their transactions safely.



Story by NEWS DESK