Suspected arson attack leaves handyman homeless

Al­though Samuel Sa­hadeo was less than 50 me­tres away from his home, he could do lit­tle as it went up in flames yes­ter­day.

But res­i­dents of Tarou­ba Road said the fire was no ac­ci­dent as one of Sa­hadeo’s neigh­bours was seen walk­ing out of the house when smoke be­gan to rise. 

Sa­hadeo, a handy­man, said he was at the neigh­bour’s home at­tend­ing to his plants around 2 pm.

He said as he walked to the side of the house to drink from a pipe, he saw smoke.

“I said that can’t be no rub­bish burn­ing. As I came out­side, the neigh­bours told me they saw the man came look­ing for me with a blade. He (sus­pect) said I went in by him to thief.

But I don’t thief, look at things I have. I does pass and pick up this and that. I have about $5000 in scrap iron there and we were go­ing to sell. We need­ed trans­port over the two hol­i­days,” Sa­hadeo said.

As far as Sa­hadeo knew, he and the sus­pect had a neigh­bourly re­la­tion­ship so it was shock­ing what hap­pened. He said that up to Sun­day, he went to the sus­pect’s home with food, look­ing for pep­per sauce.

“Me and him does deal good. He have no rea­son to spite me like that, in that form.”

The en­tire wood­en and con­crete struc­ture was gut­ted. Samuel said the house be­longed to his neigh­bour and he was the care­tak­er.

It had no elec­tric­i­ty and he does not use can­dles. He said he does not cook and sur­vives on par­lour food.

Po­lice was in­ter­view­ing wit­ness­es up to late yes­ter­day af­ter­noon.

Reporter: Kevon Felmine

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