SWAHA hopes lessons are learnt from nude photos scandal

Thursday, June 16, 2016 - 20:00

SWAHA International says it hopes that the women whose nude pictures have been circulated online, take lessons from this occurrence.

SWAHA says we should all be prudent and selective in all that we do.

The following is SWAHA's statement:

"The recent posting of nude and semi-nude photographs of women onto a porn-site has brought home the harsh reality that there is nothing like absolute privacy nor absolute freedom in our society. While these young daughters of our country have been made out to be the victims in this scenario, exposed and embarrassed, it will be worth our while to take the lesson that, despite our rights and privacy, ours is a prying society and prudence is needed in all that we do.

It is a cosmological law that action brings reaction as the universe conspires to bring to light all that happens in the dark. No one can escape from one’s actions. There is a common saying that cause is effect concealed, while effect is cause revealed. Unfortunately, the effects in this instance cannot be reversed. Neither can they be simply deleted. Instead, the repercussions go further as those with acute cases of mind disease spread the information far afield for monetary gains. The germ of sexual attraction and lust is bred, which usually leads to crimes of a different nature by those who live out their fantasies. All this from a picture!

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While these young women may have experienced some sensual satisfaction in posing and posting the pictures, such actions begs the question of what prompts an individual to do this. Is it low self-esteem, poor self-worth, a feeble self-image or some other deficiency that will drive these girls to literally bare themselves before others? Is the need for social approval so intense that one will resort to this kind of self- portrait? Or is there some material gain? Whatever is the catalyst that has sparked this kind of self-projection, it is clear that such an aberration speaks to a burning need for self-gratification, for fulfillment or recognition of some kind.

Sadly though, the satisfaction of these social needs is sought in the social media where digital modification can easily twist one’s character and the damage is done. The lack of spiritual values in one’s life shifts the focus from SELF to selfie which brings only momentary fulfillment. Lasting achievement however, comes from self-study, from acknowledging one’s divinity within and from realizing that actions bring reactions. Failure to be mindful of this brings regrets.

The immeasurable power of women bears witness to the positive outcomes that have been effected through them from time immemorial. Not only are they the sculptors of a society but they possess the power that can shake the strongest of foundations. The power they wield is second to none. They are the carriers of the wealth of generations and the shapers of destiny. It is said that where women are honoured, progress and prosperity reign. On the other hand, where women are corrupt, the society is doomed. A most potent lesson for all females.

The news of this exposure will soon die, other news will take prominence and they too will be forgotten. However, if it is one lesson that must be taken from this porn matter, it is that absolute privacy is a no-no. We should be prudent and selective in all that we do for we are all subjected to the law of cause and effect. Unlike daily news we should seek to acknowledge the all-encompassing power of the Divine within us. A life of spirituality protects one always.

Paramacharya Pt Hardeo Persad
Spiritual Head