Swissport maintains it is compliant with all local labour laws

Swissport Trinidad and Tobago says it is compliant with all local labour laws and regulations, despite accusations by PSA President Watson Duke that the company was not treating its workers well.

Duke has sent a message to the management of the local branch of Swissport International, that workers will no longer tolerate being short-changed in terms of contracts, salaries and constitutionally afforded rights regarding designated lunch and recreational breaks.

But the company has replied through its attorney Vivek Lakhan-Joseph.

"Swissport Trinidad and Tobago would like to address the comments circulated in the media regarding its operations and labour policies.

Swissport prides itself on its longstanding reputation as a competent and efficient provider in the service of the aeronautical industry of Trinidad and Tobago.

As such, it is compliant with all local labour laws and regulations.

Swissport as a responsible employer also places great value on ensuring that respect permeates its organisation and operations.

The Company remains hopeful that this matter will be resolved promptly and having due regard to the respective rights of the Parties."

Swissport International provides passenger and ramp handling services at over 217 locations worldwide.

It includes station management and administration such as load control, flight operations assistance and weather briefing; passenger services such as airport ticketing/arrival and transfer services, special passenger and VIP services, and check-in; and aircraft servicing and ramp handling such as baggage sorting and transportation, cabin cleaning, aircraft loading/unloading, and toilet and water services.

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