SWMCOL applauds move by Massy Stores to go green

The Solid Waste Management Company (SWMCOL) is applauding the move by Massy Stores to encourage citizens to go green by using reusable shopping bags.

Massy Stores made the announcement last week, stating, as part of the initiatives, that customers will have to now pay for plastic bags.

SWMCOL issued the following statement today:

"As The Trinidad and Tobago Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL) continues to encourage citizens to “Get into Green” by adopting everyday practices that redound to the benefit of our beautiful island environment, we applaud Massy Stores’ recently launched initiative to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags. \

As a result, shoppers are encouraged to adopt the use of reusable shopping bags thereby contributing to a cleaner environment. SWMCOL urges other corporate citizens to explore avenues of reducing their waste, as we protect and preserve the environment for this, and future, generations."

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