SWRHA on heightened alert with Swine Flu

Thursday, January 10, 2019 - 16:00

The South West Regional Health Authority says it continues to remain on heightened alert for Swine Flu cases and has coordinated all its facilities within the region to be prepared with flu vaccines.

The SWRHA is also seeking to assure the public that all proper medical procedures were followed in the treatment of Nicole Seecharan, the Tabaquite woman, who succumbed to the virus.

It says on December 10th last year, swabs were taken for testing and the results came in 9 days later.

The SWRHA says when the results came back it immediately contacted Seecharan's relatives and provided vaccinations to the family.

It is urging all citizens to practice good hygiene and any person displaying flu-like symptoms is urged to visit the doctor.